The world is experiencing massive, global climate changes and there is an urgent need to focus our energy and resources on environmental sustainability. While there is a lot of awareness around climate change, we need to act, but in order to act, we need to understand. That is the reason why we created Climate Planet.

Globe facts

The outer globe-construction is 19.9 metres tall – as tall as a 5 storey building. It’s 24 metres wide, and it can fit up to 300 people.

The inner globe shows the movie. It’s 4 metres in diameter, and it’s suspended inside the globe. The audience is positioned in a circle around the inner globe.

The inner globe uses 4 high tech projectors that show real-time NASA footage from space.


the globe

Climate Planet is storytelling in multiple dimensions that shows people what is happening to our climate. Inside the outer globe, the film is projected on the inner globe with real-time footage from NASA’s satellites. After the show, the audience will be exploring how they can take action to protect the climate.

Climate Planet is focusing on the UN Goal #13: Climate Action. We have created a film that highlights our need to act, and what we can do as individuals to help.

Where we’ve been and where we’re going



The Climate Planet story is written and told by the Danish weather and climate expert Jesper Theilgaard, and developed in collaboration with NASA. This means that we can access global weather data and show real-time footage of Earth from space.